Equipment Cabinets

The compact base-station equipment enclosure provides all the required AC and DC power distribution, backup power supply and cooling to
support the electronic equipment making up a cellular base-station. The design is based on telecommunications equipment that fits into a
standard 19-inch rack. The internal space requirement is user specified implying that the enclosure can be used for almost any configuration of
electronic equipment.


Compact base-station enclosure that can be mounted on a pole or a wall.
Weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use (IP54).
Quick and easy to deploy.
Heavy duty stainless steel construction (3CR12).
Bracket fastening points are located inside the enclosure to ensure that it is tamperproof.
Device can accommodate any combination of 19” rack equipment (the space required is user-specified).
Contains power supply distribution board (AC/DC) and battery backup (40Ah at 48V).
Forced ventilation that is a very efficient cooling mechanism.
These enclosures are ideal for implementing a base-station on new or existing infrastructure.

Alarms are provided for:

  • door
  • cooling fans
  • temperature
  • current
  • bus voltage
  • battery mid-point voltage

The built-in sensors monitor:

  • current
  • bus voltage
  • temperatures
  • battery mid-point voltage

The following items can also be customised by the operator:

  • 6 user defined relay outputs
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 2 low voltage disconnect contactor outputs
  • An additional temperature sense input (to monitor an external temperature sensor).
  • 2 additional current sense inputs

Application areas:

  • Sites where a quick deployment of a base-station is required.
  • Ideal for township and rural base-station implementation.
  • Neatening up existing base-station sites.