Corporate social investment

Giving back to the communities in which we work, is of paramount to the ethics of our the Boniswa business. In 2012, Boniswa Corporate Solutions conducted a tower installation in the area of Xholobeni in the region of KwaZulu Natal. It was whilst on site that the team became aware of Baleni Secondary School and were struck by the content happiness of the children despite the exposure to extreme poverty. Many of the learners did not even have proper clothing to keep them warm.

As a socially responsible organisation, Boniswa wanted to contribute more to the community besides just by the work done to initiate telecommunications access to the area. Boniswa thus committed to a 3 year donation to provide each child in grade 8 – 10 of Baleni Secondary School, with warm jerseys to see them through the Winter season.

The broader aim of the initiative is to encourage the children to value education and when they too are successful business persons in the future, to return to an underprivileged community and contribute in a meaningful way.